Vital Signs Monitoring Simplified

Vios leverages your facility’s existing wireless network to provide a comprehensive, cost-effective, and easy-to-deploy FDA-cleared vital signs monitoring solution.

Improve Patient Outcomes

Vios Remote Monitoring Services continuously evaluates vital sign data and can assist in identifying the onset of clinical deterioration in real-time, enabling early detection.

Easy to Use

The Vios Monitoring System can be easily deployed throughout your facility. Monitored patients can move around without being tethered to the wall or an oversized monitor.

Disruptive Innovation

Vital signs monitoring is possible beyond the ICU and cardiac telemetry by leveraging existing WiFi networks and medical-grade sensors.

Reduce Costs

The Vios Monitoring System operates on existing IT infrastructure, lowering capital investments and minimizing operational costs.

Data Security

Vios Monitoring System platform can be hosted on the Cloud, Private data center, or on a server on-premise and the VMS system components can communicate across networks using the available secure network. The VMS components use secure transport protocols for communication.

Wireless Vital Signs Monitoring

Monitor vital signs seamlessly with the Vios Monitoring System.

7-lead ECG

Heart rate

Respiratory rate

Non-invasive blood pressure

Pulse rate



Body temperature

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Patient Monitoring for
Hospitals and Beyond

Hospitals (Medical, Surgical, Specialty Care Units, Intra, and Inter Hospital)

Flexible patient monitoring for your busy hospital

The Vios Monitoring System allows you to monitor a full vital sign panel in a hospital setting—all without a difficult integration process. There’s no need to run proprietary wiring before initiating service—it operates and integrates seamlessly with your existing wireless network.

With Vios’ wireless capabilities, you can also minimize patient disruptions due to routine vital signs checks. As a result, patients can enjoy an uninterrupted, restful recovery experience.

See the benefits for hospitals

Acute Rehabilitation, Skilled Nursing Healthcare, Ward Monitoring (Step Down ICU, HDU, General Ward), and Palliative Care

Remote monitoring for skilled nursing facilities

Minimize readmissions and quickly identify patient decline with the cost-effective Vios Monitoring System.

Customizable options allow you to tailor monitoring to meet your specific needs by choosing to self-monitor patients or taking advantage of Vios’ Remote Monitoring Services. Either way, Vios will immediately notify the care provider if an actionable event is identified.

Hospital at Home

Continue healing and recovering at home

Being discharged from a healthcare facility doesn’t mean you have to lose out on crucial vital signs monitoring. Get the benefits of the Vios Monitoring System right at home, under the supervision of a 24/7 paramedic.

It can be easily set up using a home WiFi system, and with its small, lightweight form-factor, it’s easily worn by the patient as they ease back into their activities of daily life.

Drug Trials and Clinical Research

Adaptable vital signs monitoring for research facilities

Clinical research and drug trials may require a unique set of vital signs monitoring dependent on the study. The Vios Monitoring System allows researchers to customize their monitoring setup and pick vitals they would like monitored.

Remote Monitoring Services

Vios’ Remote Monitoring Services can alleviate the burden on clinical staff, allowing them to focus on patient care. Our remote monitoring services will allow continuous monitoring of patient data in any environment.

Up to 75% of adverse events and preventable deaths occur outside the ICU in unmonitored beds.*
*Harden C. Diagnostics for Patient Safety and Quality of Care. Patient Safety Executive Development Forum, Institute for Health Improvement. 2014.