Healthcare Settings

Better for patients and healthcare providers

By addressing some of the most pressing challenges of the day, the Vios Monitoring System (VMS) improves patient care while helping to optimize operations.

Already proven and preferred for continuously monitoring a patient’s vital signs, the Vios Monitoring System (VMS) is a wireless, FDA-cleared, internet of things (IoT) patient monitoring solution designed to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs. The VMS enables clinicians to continuously monitor a patient’s 7-lead ECG, heart rate, respiratory rate, pulse rate, SpO2 and posture. It also accommodates the manual entry and input of blood pressure and body temperature data. Healthcare facilities are able to leverage their minimal IT infrastructure and deploy the solution throughout their various care settings.

Corporate, small, and government hospitals

The Vios Monitoring System (VMS) lowers the cost for healthcare while improving a hospital’s patient monitoring capabilities. By implementing VMS into their setting, hospitals can automate patient oversight and remotely detect problems before they become serious issues. This is accomplished by continuously tracking and analyzing medical-grade vital signs across in-hospital environments. Doing so minimizes the need to readmit patients to higher-cost areas of care, such as an intensive care unit (ICU).

The VMS requires minimal IT infrastructure allowing it to be deployed rapidly to provide monitoring across the care continuum and beyond, such as a patient’s home. This frees hospital beds for higher acuity patient needs.

Using the VMS also aids in removing monitoring bottlenecks and improving patient triage operations. Additionally, the VMS also offers Remote Monitoring Service for around-the-clock clinical support that minimizes the burden on clinicians while reducing reactive and episodic care.

Should it be beneficial, the VMS can be installed and deployed remotely. Training and support are also offered remotely.

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