Remote Monitoring System that Adapts to Your Needs

Delivering quality care can be a challenge due to financial and staffing constraints. The Vios Monitoring System was developed to address these challenges by reducing the overwhelming responsibilities on staff members.

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Improve Patient Safety and Quality of Care

The Vios Monitoring System provides the assurance that someone is always watching out for the patients’ well-being. The wireless system allows for greater freedom to move around and reduces disruptions for restful healing. This ensures a better experience for the patients and enables staff to provide a higher level of care.

Ease of Use

Vios Remote Monitoring Services will remove the burden of consuming, analyzing and responding to patient physiological data, allowing your clinical staff members to focus on other patient-centric care activities. Our Remote Monitoring Technicians will keep a constant watch on patients’ health and notify a designated staff member immediately of any change of condition.

Significant Cost Savings

Vios is a high-quality, high-value alternative to traditional monitoring solutions. It allows post-acute care facilities to utilize their existing infrastructure to deploy the solution. The Vios Monitoring System also does not utilize expensive proprietary disposables, which further helps to reduce costs.

Disruptive Innovation

Vital Signs Monitoring is possible beyond the ICU and across the continuum of care by leveraging existing WiFi networks and medical-grade sensors.

Technical FAQs

Safe, Secure, Dependable, Always Available Monitoring Infrastructure and Support

How/where is the Vios Central Server hosted?

Can be hosted as private cloud on any cloud service provider like AWS, on-premise, or in customer’s own data center.

How is patient data protected?

Our software is deployed in a private subnet and a secure VPN is established for your location. Data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

Who is responsible for deployment and management of the Murata Vios Central Server?

The Murata Vios Central Server platform is a fully managed service. Implementation, updates, and security management are maintained by Murata Vios and Amazon Web Services.

What is the customer responsible for?

Customers are responsible for their local infrastructure (WiFi, Ethernet, and local PCs).

The Vios Monitoring System

Improve patient care while effectively managing vital signs monitoring

On-Demand Remote Monitoring Services

AHA-Certified Remote Monitoring of Patient Vitals

Vios Remote Monitoring Services give you the option to perform monitoring in-house or with our AHA-Certified technicians. Vios Remote Monitoring Services can alleviate staffing burden by providing 24/7/365 patient oversight so clinical staff can focus on other patient-related activities.