Vios Monitor
Vios Monitor

Vios Monitoring System

The Vios Monitoring System (VMS) is a wireless, FDA-cleared, internet of things (IoT) patient monitoring solution designed to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs. The VMS enables clinicians to continuously monitor a patient’s 7-lead ECG, heart rate, respiratory rate, pulse rate, SpO2 and posture. It also accommodates the manual entry and input of blood pressure and body temperature data. Healthcare facilities are able to leverage their existing IT infrastructures and deploy the solution throughout their various care settings.

The Vios Monitoring System is a cost-effective solution designed to detect the early signs of clinical deterioration in traditionally unmonitored patient populations.

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Vios Monitor Vios Monitor Vios Monitor Vios Monitor Vios Monitor Vios Monitor

The Benefits

For Hospitals

  • Lower Patient Monitoring Costs
  • Deploy on Existing IT Infrastructure
  • Improve Patient Safety & Outcomes
  • Transfer Patients to Lower Acuity, Lower Cost Settings

For Clinicians

  • Monitored Care Anywhere in the Hospital
  • Promote Patient Ambulation
  • Integrate Patient Data into Electronic Health Records (EHR)
  • Reduce Unanticipated Transfers to Higher Acuity Areas

For Patients

  • Reassurance that Someone is Always Watching
  • Greater Freedom to Move Around
  • Restful Healing with Fewer Disruptions
  • A Better Experience
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Up to 75% of adverse events and preventable deaths occur outside the ICU in unmonitored beds.*
*Haraden C. Diagnostics for Patient Safety and Quality of Care. Patient Safety Executive Development Forum, Institute for Healthcare Improvement. 2014. Available here.