It’s a Challenge to Monitor Patients and Manage Operating Costs.

The Vios Bedside Monitor (BSM) Software

Lower Operating Costs While Providing Quality Patient Care with the Vios Monitoring System

Hospitals are seeking innovative ways to lower operating costs while continuing to provide quality patient care. With the Vios Monitoring System (VMS), you can achieve both.

The VMS is a wireless patient monitoring system that can be easily deployed across the entire continuum of care and requires minimal IT infrastructure. With Vios, clinicians have 24/7 monitoring of patients from an ambulance to your hospital to home-hospital, improving triage, reducing bottlenecks and preventing health deterioration.

Clearly, the time is right for the Vios Monitoring System.

Superior Patient Care

With the Vios Monitoring System, a patient’s experience is improved as it allows for greater freedom of movement. It also provides peace of mind for the patient and their family members as they know their vitals are being constantly monitored.

Comprehensive Monitoring

The wireless Vios Monitoring System offers continuous monitoring of a patient’s 7-lead ECG, heart rate, respiratory rate, pulse rate, SpO2, patient posture, and noninvasive blood pressure.

Cost Effective

Decrease the time patients stay in an ICU, making beds available more often and increasing opportunities to admit new patients.

Easy to Use

Remove monitoring bottlenecks and improve patient triage operations. Plus, clinicians are backed by 24/7 support when needed.

Drives Efficiency

Reduce the burden of tending to monitors/alarms while delivering near-real-time patient information.

Why Clinicians Prefer Vios:

  • Monitored care from ambulance onward
  • Promotes patient ambulation
  • Integrates patient data into Electronic Health Records
  • Reduces unanticipated transfers to higher acuity area

Why Patients Prefer Vios:

  • The assurance that someone is always monitoring them
  • Greater freedom to move
  • Restful recovery with fewer disturbances

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