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Murata Vios, Inc. Announces FDA Clearance for Second Generation Wireless Monitoring Platform

Company preparing to introduce an advanced continuous patient monitoring solution allowing for cost-effective management of patients throughout the care continuum

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Murata Vios, Inc., a medical technology company that develops wireless patient-monitoring sensors and software, announced that it has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for two 510(k) submissions for its second-generation wireless patient monitoring platform, the Vios Monitoring System (VMS). The approved suite of products provides a platform designed to reduce the cost of patient-monitoring equipment while simultaneously striving to improve the quality of care and the patient experience.

The second-generation platform collects 7-leads of ECG, heart rate, respiratory rate, SpO2, blood pressure, temperature, pulse rate, patient posture and activity data to conveniently and cost-effectively monitor patients throughout various clinical environments. Murata Vios, Inc. is currently working with hospitals and post-acute care facilities as it prepares for its U.S. commercial launch.

The VMS is designed to optimize the monitoring of patients throughout the healthcare facility by providing a lower cost, user-friendly, and secure patient monitoring platform. One of the significant advantages is that Vios can continuously monitor and display patient vital signs across a multitude of devices utilizing sensors, unique signal processing IP, and propriety software that runs on standard off-the-shelf hardware. Based on the low-bandwidth connected data, healthcare providers will be able to remotely monitor patient data in near real-time. This design strategy significantly reduces the cost of the overall solution and removes the enormous dependence on expensive proprietary IT networking equipment.

“Our FDA clearance is a big step in our commitment to patient safety and providing a premium patient experience. The U.S. healthcare landscape is rapidly evolving, and we look forward to providing efficient and secure solutions that help manage patients throughout the care continuum,” said Varun Verma, Senior Manager at Murata Vios.

“Our team has worked long and hard to achieve this milestone and we are excited to finally bring our solution to market. Now that we have been acquired by Murata Manufacturing of Japan, we will be able to support and scale our solution in ways that very few innovative technologies can,” said Amit Patel, Chief Executive Officer of Murata Vios.

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