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Understand The Advantage of Remote Patient Monitoring That Delivers Flex Capacity

Given its full capabilities, the Vios Monitoring System could change the way you think about patient monitoring systems and how you can utilize them. In fact, we’ll suggest that the Vios Monitoring System may inspire you to change many of your on-site and satellite-location care protocols. The reason is something we refer to as “Flex Capacity.” With Flex Capacity, you have improved adaptability, mobility, and scalability.

Before exploring the advantages of Flex Capacity, let’s first understand the basics of the Vios Monitoring System. It’s a wireless, FDA-cleared, internet of things (IoT) patient monitoring solution designed to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs. The VMS enables clinicians to continuously monitor a patient’s 7-lead ECG, heart rate, respiratory rate, pulse rate, SpO2, and posture. It also accommodates the manual entry and input of blood pressure and body temperature data. It’s easily deployable with minimal IT requirements. This allows healthcare facilities to leverage their minimal IT infrastructures and allow them to re-deploy or expand the use of the Vios Monitoring System solution throughout their care settings as needed.

What Is Remote Patient Monitoring with Flex Capacity?

Flex Capacity comes down to one simple idea: giving you more options in more healthcare situations.

The Vios Monitoring System enables Flex Capacity by allowing for:

  • Building Flex Capacity in non-traditional hospital spaces.
  • Building an isolation room.
  • Building Flex Capacity inside the hospital.

How? The Vios Monitoring System requires minimal IT infrastructure. Essentially, it’s a portable vital signs monitor with a stand. That makes the Vios Monitoring System highly adaptable to current needs and rapidly changing dynamics.

Designed to utilize a wireless information platform, the Vios Monitoring System is easy to deploy and redeploy wherever needed. This can be beneficial if and when care spaces change, configurations adjust or reassignment of rooms need to be made to meet urgent demands.

You can move the Vios Monitoring System from room to room, floor to floor, or even building to building in almost no time. That’s because the hardware is lightweight, minimal and requires no special cables or hardwired data connections.

Monitor Patients From Multiple Locations

Traditional bedside patient monitors are often restricted to a particular room or building due to technical needs. When you use the Vios Monitoring System, you have 24/7 monitoring for patients wherever they need to be.

This introduces another essential aspect of Flex Capacity, mobility.

Do you have a satellite location across town? No problem. Want to support rural hospitals with patient care needs? You can do it. Actually, as long as there is a power source and WiFi or LTE signal, your care providers can monitor patients almost anywhere. And rather than relying on permanent installations, the Vios Monitoring System can be deployed when and where it’s needed.

Monitoring patients remotely works as easily and smoothly as monitoring patients in the next room. All information is available on bedside monitors, tablets, or a central nursing station. Plus, you still have 24/7 monitoring support with Vios’ Remote Monitoring Service.

Flex Capacity Includes Scalability

The third aspect of Flex Capacity is scalability.

As mentioned, there’s very little needed from an IT standpoint to deploy the Vios Monitoring System. Usually, it can deploy on minimal IT infrastructure. That means the Vios Monitoring System is always incredibly easy to scale up. In the event of an emergency or just increased demand, you can add additional devices without adding new wires, ports, or other data networking infrastructure. It’s nearly as simple as adding a new device to the wireless network. This scalability reduces the cost, time, and extra effort in scaling your 24/7 patient monitoring system up.

Flex Capacity Gives You More Options to Treat Patients

Adaptability, mobility, and scalability are the driving forces behind Flex Capacity. When you have all three, you have choices on how to address patient care needs, respond to changing situations, and optimize technology usage across your continuum of care.

When you have the Vios Monitoring System, you have the ability to tailor your technology to the situation. If the situation changes, you can readjust it again, quickly, easily, and without making IT changes. If you are interested in learning how to innovate your patient monitoring capabilities and add the power of Flex Capacity to your care options, we invite you to connect with Vios.

We’re ready to help you improve patient care.

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