Our Solution

The Vios Monitoring System (VMS) is a flexible, FDA-cleared, IoT monitoring solution, designed to reduce costs, improve patient safety, and enhance the patient experience.

The Chest Sensor

The Chest Sensor

The Vios Chest Sensor is an FDA-cleared medical device that allows for continuous monitoring of a patient’s physiological vital signs data. The Chest Sensor monitors 7-lead ECG, heart rate, respiratory rate, SpO2, pulse rate, posture and activity.

The Bedside Monitor (BSM) Software

The Bedside Monitor (BSM) Software

The Vios Bedside Monitor runs an FDA-cleared application that receives, analyzes, and displays physiological vital signs data via the wireless Chest Sensor or other 3rd party devices. The BSM runs proprietary algorithms that can alarm for rate-based arrhythmias and when vital signs exceed thresholds.

The BSM can display the following physiological vital parameters:

  • 7-Lead ECG Waveforms (I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF, and one of V1-V6)
  • Heart Rate
  • Respiratory Rate
  • SpO2
  • Pulse Rate
  • Body Temperature (via 3rd party devices or manual input)
  • Non-invasive Blood Pressure (via 3rd party devices or manual input)
  • Patient Posture and Activity
Central Station Monitor (CSM) Software

Central Station Monitor (CSM) Software

The Vios Central Station Monitor runs an FDA-cleared application that allows for remote viewing of all patients in a centralized dashboard. The CSM allows for monitoring of patients in various units spanning from low- to high-acuity environments. The CSM application can run on any computer, thereby allowing clinicians to monitor and manage patients wherever convenient. Additionally, the CSM software includes a Vitals and Waveform Review module, a Vitals Trending module, and generates ECG Waveform and Patient Summary Reports.


The VMS can be deployed* across the following care settings:

*In certain circumstances, based on the care model, customized remote deployment and patient home deployment may be an option. Contact Vios for more details on deployment options.

Remote Monitoring Services (RMS)

Vios’ Remote Monitoring Service alleviates the burden on clinical staff, thereby allowing them to focus on patient care. Additionally, our remote monitoring services will make it possible for patient data to be continuously monitored in any hospital environment.

A clinician using the Vios Managed Services Center
  • “In a 55-patient market validation study, 93 percent of our clinicians preferred the in-hospital Vios Monitoring Solution over the existing monitoring solution. In the same study, 93 percent of patients preferred wearing the wireless Vios Chest Sensor over the standard tethered bedside monitor.”*
    *Anesthesia & Analgesia | May 2016 Volume 122 Number 5S Volume 3 – CLINICAL EVALUATION OF THE VIOS MONITORING SYSTEM - INITIAL REPORT OF A PILOT STUDY