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Hospital at Home

Better care, anywhere.

The Covid experience helped accelerate the acceptance of the hospital at home concept. Hospitals are under pressure to discharge patients in a timely manner, occasionally before they can sufficiently care for themselves. Home Healthcare services may be enrolled to help assure patient progression, but they can only be present once, maybe twice a day, leaving long time durations without supervised care. A Patient condition can quickly degrade or a reaction to medication can put them at risk when unsupervised.

Continuous vital signs monitoring can assure a patient’s well being when an in-person care giver is not available. Vios is uniquely positioned to be able to meet the clinical needs for the most medically challenged patient populations in their home environment. Continuous connectivity via a home network or cell tower assures the patient can be monitored from their home. 24/7 monitoring oversight can be critically important for high-acuity patients. The Vios solution can provide comprehensive clinical oversight to the sickest patient populations in the homecare setting.

Remote Connectivity

Connect via Wi-Fi or cell tower connection.

Comprehensive Monitoring Capabilities

Full vital suite plus activity sensing provides a comprehensive overview of patient activities.

Continuous Monitoring

Measurements are transmitted instantaneously, no gaps between measurement cycles.

Remote Viewing

Clinicians can log in at any time to see real-time measurements and diagnostic updates.

24/7/365 Monitoring Oversight

Certified technicians assure alerts are acted on.

Small, Wireless, Rechargeable Form Factor

Easily worn by patient throughout their daily activities.
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Lower care costs by up to 30 percent compared to traditional inpatient care
8.6 percent 30-day readmission rate, compared to 16.1 percent for similar hospitalized patients, according to a case study from the American Hospital Association.

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