About Us

Vios Medical, Inc. is a U.S. based medical technology company focused on utilizing medical-grade IoT sensors and Virtual Patient Care Services to optimize the management of patients throughout the continuum of care.

Our goal is to reduce the cost of healthcare, enhance clinical workforce productivity, and improve patient outcomes through clinical workflow automation. The Vios Medical team is comprised of leaders in technical product development who bring disruptive healthcare solutions to market.

Our mission is to utilize IoT sensors, remote patient care services and a big data approach to cost-effectively manage the oversight of patients across the entire continuum of care, and automate common patient clinical workflows. Our solution seeks to reduce hospital costs, deliver greater clinician productivity, increased operational efficiency and improve patient outcomes.

Our Board

The Vios Medical board of directors provides governance, oversight and strategic direction as we work to achieve our company vision. Their mandate is to ensure our business objectives continue to align with this vision. Each member brings to the board a wealth of experience in the med-tech industry, having collectively overseen a variety of product portfolios encompassing billions of dollars in value.