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Bishop Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

New York Skilled Nursing Facility Deploys the Vios Monitoring System to Enhance Patient Monitoring

Murata Vios, Inc., and Bishop Rehabilitation & Nursing Center partner to improve resident care through wireless, continuous monitoring technology

WOODBURY, Minn. — With a shared goal of improving residents’ post-acute care and monitoring, Murata Vios, Inc., announces the deployment of its Vios Monitoring System at Bishop Rehabilitation & Nursing Center. The system is installed at the 455-bed Syracuse skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility for continuous vital signs monitoring.

The Vios Monitoring System is a wireless, FDA-cleared patient monitoring platform designed to improve resident safety and outcomes. The system continuously monitors 7-lead ECG, heart rate, SpO2, pulse rate, respiratory rate and posture.

Bishop uses the platform’s Remote Monitoring Services. With remote monitoring, a team of cardiac-trained technicians monitor vital signs 24/7/365 and alert the Bishop Care Team if there are changes in a resident’s condition.

“Hospital readmissions can be a costly setback to a resident’s recovery,” said Chris Bumpus, Bishop’s director of nursing. “The Vios Monitoring System’s continuous monitoring and alerts will help us more closely oversee patients with cardiac issues. This includes the diagnosis and treatment of most cardiac issues before they become severe enough to require a trip to the emergency room.”

The Vios Monitoring System is designed as a lower-cost, user-friendly and secure patient monitoring platform. It works on existing IT networks, and allows staff to monitor patients from anywhere in a facility, not just behind a desk or at the patient’s bedside. Data can be integrated into electronic health records.

Bishop is the first skilled nursing and rehabilitation center in the greater Syracuse area with the Vios Monitoring System. The system adds to the facility’s capability to treat residents on site, with additional services including 24-hour respiratory therapy, hemodialysis, a comprehensive wound care team led by its in-house general surgeon, and telemedicine.

“The Vios Monitoring System will help post-acute healthcare facilities like Bishop do more with the resources they have,” said Drew Hardin, vice president of sales at Murata Vios. “By optimizing how residents are monitored, we can help lower the cost of care and operations, while still ensuring the residents’ needs are met.”

About Murata Vios, Inc.

Murata Vios, Inc., a subsidiary of Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., is developing and commercializing a cost-effective solution to detect the early signs of clinical deterioration in traditionally unmonitored patient populations. The Vios Monitoring System (VMS) is a wireless, FDA-cleared, internet of things (IoT) patient monitoring solution designed to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs. Healthcare facilities can leverage their existing IT infrastructures and deploy the solution throughout their various care settings. Murata Vios, Inc. was formerly known as Vios Medical, Inc. prior to its acquisition by Murata Manufacturing in October 2017. Visit for more information.

About Bishop Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

Bishop Rehabilitation & Nursing Center in Syracuse, New York, serves short-term and long-term residents with acute needs. It is committed to innovation and achieving the greatest quality of care, with a team of interdisciplinary professionals dedicated to their work. For more information, visit

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