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The RFID Journal covers how Bishop Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is using the Vios Monitoring System

From the RFID Journal:

Nursing Facility Monitors Vitals via BLE, IoT

by Claire Swedberg

New York’s Bishop Rehabilitation and Nursing Center has been tracking health conditions in real time using Murata Vios technology, while identifying trends so it can target healthcare and improve outcomes.

Skilled nursing facility Bishop Rehabilitation and Nursing Center has deployed a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)-enabled solution to achieve real-time vital-signs monitoring of acute patients, such as those recovering from cardiac arrest or a stroke. The Remote Monitoring Services solution, from Murata Vios, includes sensors attached to a person’s skin to detect health conditions and then forward the collected data to a tablet via a proprietary BLE stack. The system leverages the healthcare facility’s Wi-Fi network to forward data to a server, so that patients can move around freely while being monitored, without having to carry wired hardware.

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