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Wireless Vital Signs Monitoring Improves Patient Satisfaction in the Emergency Department

Study Results

When compared to the standard of care:

  • 93% of the patients were more satisfied with the Vios Monitoring System
  • 89% of the patients preferred the Vios Monitoring System
  • 94% of patients enjoyed being able to move freely on the wireless system

About the Study

Patient satisfaction is an important indicator used to assess patient outcomes, patient retention, and reimbursement claims. Wired vital-sign monitoring equipment limit patient mobility and have a direct impact on the patient’s overall hospital experience. Wireless continuous monitoring of a patient’s vitals through the Vios Monitoring System (VMS, Vios Medical, St. Paul, MN, USA) provides a light, flexible way to deploy continuous wireless monitoring in hospitals. This study aims to assess the patient satisfaction and preference of the VMS.

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