Learn how the Vios Monitoring System can deliver value for your post-acute care facility.

Calculate your ROI

With continuous vital signs monitoring through the Vios Monitoring System, your facility can elevate its standard of care and deliver measurable financial value at the same time:

  • Reduce return-to-acute-care penalties
  • Avoid Revenue loss by safely treating in place
  • Increase referrals through enhanced reputation and trust
  • Increase revenues by treating higher-acuity residents

Using the tool below adjust variables to match your facility’s levels

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per day
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Learn how it all adds up

This calculator tool shows where the Vios Monitoring System with Remote Monitoring Services can have the biggest financial impact in your post-acute care facility.

Total annual value

Find your total annual value across six key areas, such as reducing hospital readmission penalties and increasing referrals.

Months to breakeven

Discover how quickly your investment can pay for itself with a detailed view into months to breakeven.

Annualized ROI

Learn how your initial installation of the Vios Monitoring System can bring annual returns on investment.