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Cardiac Telemetry

Easily expand Cardiac Telemetry Services Throughout your Hospital

Hospitals are often faced with the need to expand cardiac services due to census or specific individual patient needs. Historically, telemetry services are limited to designated areas due to networking or monitoring equipment limitations. Patients are often brought to the telemetry area or forced to forego monitoring due to these restrictions.

With Vios, patients can benefit from monitoring oversight wherever they are in the hospital – monitoring comes to the patient. The Vios system provides 7-lead high fidelity ECG monitoring with advanced cardiac capabilities that you expect in a comprehensive cardiac monitoring solution. It leverages your existing WiFi system to provide a cost-effective solution when considering expanding your cardiac telemetry services.

Cost Effective

No need for expensive networks and proprietary wiring.

Advanced Monitoring Capabilities

Cardiac centric feature sets and capabilities.

24/7/365 Monitoring Oversight

AHA Certified monitoring technicians available on-demand.

Flexible Deployment

Easily scale up or move throughout the hospital as needed.
Patients with remote monitoring devices have a probability of survival that is more than 2x greater than those without
Nearly 80% reduction in the time taken to detect clinical events with remote monitoring
Monitored patients have a reduction rate of 65% for hospitalizations due to atrial arrhythmia

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