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Critical Access Hospital

Leverage Monitoring to improve your ability to Treat in Place

Quickly identify patient degradation in its early stages, allowing you to act before their condition significantly worsens. Continuous measurement and monitoring of vital signs allows you to observe patient reactions to medication or therapeutic actions and respond in the appropriate manner before it becomes an emergency condition. The Vios system can be used in conjunction with existing systems, or as a stand-alone solution, easily moving throughout your facility to wherever it is needed.

Remote Viewing

Easily monitor your patients from afar when unable to be by their side.

Rapid Census Expansion

Quickly add or subtract the number of patients being monitored.

Monitoring Services

24/7/365 monitoring oversight is always available.


Uses your existing WiFi system.
The Vios Monitoring solution easily adapts to specific patient needs and to the care team environment.

Critical Access Hospitals

From 2010-2021, 136 CAHs were forced to close their doors.

Increase in visits

In the last 10 years, visits to CAH emergency rooms increased by 50%.
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of physicians practice in rural areas

While only 11% of physicians practice in rural areas, critical access hospitals represent 65% of the nationwide healthcare professional shortage.

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