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Better Care for Patients. Simplified Clinician Workflow.

Vital signs monitoring is well known for the ability to alert when a significant clinical event has occurred, or when a predetermined threshold has been met. But a comprehensive approach has historically been reserved for only the sickest patients or those with a high propensity for an alarm condition, such as cardiac or respiratory patients. Excessive false alarms or bulky monitors have undermined their utility and subjected patients to wearing bulky equipment or being tethered to their bedside equipment.

The Vios Solution enhances the quality of patient care for acute care hospitals. Its flexibility and adaptability allow for the monitoring of patients who might otherwise go unmonitored. Leverage technology to automate the process of vital signs monitoring and provide a restful recovery experience for your patients.

Reduce Readmissions

Reduces unanticipated patient transfers to higher acuity settings.

Census Flexibility

“Flex capacity” to re-allocate beds and still provide patient monitoring.

Simplify Workloads

Expands your patient monitoring capability while lessening staff burden.

Leverage Existing Networks

Uses existing IT infrastructure and Wi-Fi.
The Vios Monitoring solution easily adapts to specific patient needs and to the care team environment.
Office of Inspector General stated that 37% of preventable adverse events were a direct result of inadequate patient monitoring
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A Health-Grades Report found that 1 of every 10 postoperative Medicare patients currently dies after developing pulmonary embolism/ deep vein thrombosis, pneumonia/sepsis, shock/cardiac arrest, or gastrointestinal bleeding, which are categorized as hospital acquired conditions.
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A robust analysis of over nine million patients from more than 600 hospitals found that the average cost of a pressure injury was over $21,000 to the organization

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