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Emergency Department

Advanced Vital Signs Monitoring – When and Where You Need it

A Hospital Emergency Department can quickly turn into a chaotic environment. A rapid increase of patients, multiple simultaneous emergency events, staffing limitations and limited facilities can quickly jeopardize well-established care plans. Patients can experience excessive wait times or extended hallway cues until rooms become available to facilitate their needs. Meanwhile, their acute condition may go unchecked, and they could experience a significant medical event.

The Vios Monitoring Solution provides a scalable solution to assure patient integrity is maintained, even during challenging situations. Patients can easily be added to monitoring services. Continuous oversight by certified technicians provides piece-of-mind that no patient will be overlooked or forgotten. System mobility throughout the hospital reduces cues because patients don’t need to wait for a specific room to become available.

Flexible Deployment

Monitored beds can easily be added in minutes.

Continuous Monitoring Service Availability

24/7/365 oversight available.

Patient Mobility throughout Hospital

Wireless connectivity to existing Wi-Fi system assures connectivity throughout hospital.
The Vios Monitoring solution easily adapts to specific patient needs and to the care team environment.
According to a 2022 national US survey, more than 90% of large hospitals reports EDs operating at or over capacity
Nationally, only 40% of ED patients are seen within 15 minutes of arrival and over 1% leave the ED without being treated

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