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Drug Trials & Clinical Research Organizations

Comprehensive, Continuous and Concise

Research organizations need comprehensive data sets that they can depended upon to capture the patient experience throughout the study period duration. Data must be stored and easily accessed for review against study protocols. The ability to retrieve and trend the data is paramount to simplify the reviewing of copious amounts of data.

The Vios Monitoring System is an FDA-cleared solution that provides a complete vital signs panel of measurements with clinical accuracy. The data is continuously measured and through a cloud connection, stored on secured servers for retrieval at a later time. The small form-factor allows for a comfortable patient experience while being worn without being tethered by a cord to a wall or a large piece of equipment. Rechargeable batteries assure that the device can be worn continuously for several days before a quick change-out is needed.

Continuous Vital Sign Measurements

No missing data – continuous data measurements are updated and stored in real-time.

Comprehensive Diagnostics Data

Trend historical measurements over time and correlate them with clinical objectives.

Small Form Factor

Can be easily worn by patient over several days.

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