It’s a challenge to monitor residents and your bottom line.

The Vios Bedside Monitor (BSM) Software

Post-acute care facilities are stretching staff resources to the breaking point.

Compounding this situation is a growing list of government mandates, financial challenges and resident safety issues. Not surprisingly, many providers are in dire need of effective, cost and labor-saving solutions. This isn’t hyperbole. In 2018, the median operating margin for healthcare facilities reached -0.1%. That means half of the skilled nursing facilities in this nation are not operating at a profitable level.

Clearly, the time is right for the Vios Monitoring System.

More effective care without adding more staff.

With the Vios Monitoring System, residents feel reassured knowing they have 24/7 monitoring of 7-lead ECG, heart rate, respiratory rate, pulse rate, SpO2 and posture — no matter where they are or go within a facility. Using Vios allows residents to rest comfortably and staff to work more effectively.

Cost Effective

Lower upfront costs compared to other continuous monitoring systems, deploys on existing infastructure (no proprietary IT equipment), no ongoing disposables, pay per bed with no per-resident ongoing costs.

Easy to Use

Immediately meet the needs of residents without weeks of training plus 24/7 support when needed.

Peace of Mind

Eliminate the burden of continuously tending to monitors and alarms with the Vios remote monitoring technicians that maintain a constant watch on resident vital signs.

Why clinicians prefer Vios:

  • Monitored care anywhere in the facility
  • Promotes resident ambulation
  • Integrates resident data into Electronic Health Records
  • Reduces unanticipated transfers to higher acuity area

Why residents prefer Vios:

  • Knowledge that someone is always watching
  • Greater freedom to move around
  • Restful healing with fewer disruptions

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