Better care for your patients with better functionality for your hospital.

The Vios Bedside Monitor (BSM) Software

Improved patient monitoring that gives you more options

Hospitals are confronted with an ever-growing list of responsibilities, regulations, and staffing challenges. The Vios Monitoring System (VMS) eases the workload of clinicians by simplifying patient monitoring and enabling staff to concentrate on other duties.

The Vios Monitoring System (VMS) is a wireless, FDA-cleared, internet of things (IoT) patient monitoring solution designed to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs. The VMS enables clinicians to continuously monitor a patient’s 7-lead ECG, heart rate, respiratory rate, pulse rate, SpO2 and posture. It also accommodates the manual entry and input of blood pressure and body temperature data. Healthcare facilities are able to leverage their existing IT infrastructures and deploy the solution throughout their various care settings.

More effective care without adding more staff.

The Vios Monitoring System was designed to address the core function of monitoring a patient’s vital signs as well as the challenges faced by short-term acute care facilities. Our mission was to create an improved experience for patients and a better tool for clinicians.

Expanded Patient Monitoring

Flexible and adaptable allowing you to monitor patients who might traditionally go unmonitored.

Better Management of Healthcare Costs

Accurate information allows the movement of patients to lower-acuity/lower-cost care while also reducing unanticipated transfers to higher-acuity/higher-cost settings.

24/7 Monitoring Regardless of Staff Size

Remote Monitoring Service expands your hospital’s monitoring capability while decreasing the burden on clinicians.

Flexible Bed Capacity and Isolation Configurations

Relocate patients in your facility—redeploy beds or reallocate wards without hindering continuous monitoring of vital signs.

Easy to Deploy

Requires minimal IT infrastructure and can be installed and deployed on-site or remotely.

Why clinicians prefer Vios:

  • Monitored care anywhere in the hospital.
  • Promotes patient ambulation.
  • Integrates patient data into Electronic Health Records.
  • Reduces unanticipated transfers to higher acuity area.

Why patients prefer Vios:

  • The knowledge that someone is always watching.
  • Greater freedom to move around.
  • Restful healing with fewer disruptions.
  • Greater ease in wearing the wireless chest sensor.

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